“Playing Chess” or “Playing Soccer”?

“Playing Chess” or “Playing Soccer”?

Actually, there are many kinds of sports which can be played. I do not understand what kinds of sports that I like much. Sometimes, I play some kinds of sports such as tennis, volleyball, badminton and soccer but some of these kinds of sports are not so liked by me. Thus, I am like a person who is learning about computer but after he completely finish all his subjects about computer such as graphic design, programming and web design, no one of these subjects that he masters particularly but all is usual. I often play chess and I ever hear that playing chess is a kind of sport but that time, I am not so sure if playing chess is a kind of sport because I think that kinds of sports are only which produce sweat. I just know after Mr. Pram said that playing chess is a kind of sport. One of the kinds of sports in which I also like to play is soccer as I have mentioned above. Two kinds of sports from five kinds of sports including chess which I like to play are soccer and chess. I like playing soccer and chess. Which one do I have to choose, playing soccer or playing chess? In this case, I will choose playing chess.

Why do I choose playing chess? I have arguments about this. There are some kinds of sports which need strong body stamina such as tennis, badminton, volleyball but it is not needed for all kinds of sports like playing chess. What do I mean about body stamina here? What I mean is too simple. I do not have to need strong energies such as running but I just stay at my seat when I play chess. In this case, I do not say that it is not important but body stamina is not more important which is needed in playing chess. The main thing in playing chess is a brain and strategy.

Then, my reason why I choose in playing chess is decision making. Making decision is not an easy thing. When making decision, I have to know if I think first and then make a decision or make a decision then I think what I have done. If I make a decision without I think first carefully, it means that I have to be ready to receive the consequence when my decision is not right because everything which will happen is needed to think. It is the same in playing chess, when I move the pawn position without thinking first what will happen after that or the position of pawn that I move, it can vitiate the other position on the chess board. After I think and realize that the most effective how to learn to make decision is when I play chess. This is my reason why I choose in playing chess. I need to learn how to make a right decision because making decision is the most important in my daily life.

Playing chess can also hone and sharpen my own memory and concentration. I know that every kind of sport must need concentration but sharpening memory is not trained in all kinds of sports. If I can say, not only kinds of sports which need concentration but also all aspects in human life because without concentration will not result maximal things. When learning, making decision and listening to someone, all of these must need concentration. Choosing chess can make me to sharpen my own memory because playing chess is an activity which helps on memory improvement. A chess player always tries to remember the pattern and position of the chess when playing chess. Beside that, playing chess will help me to be more concentrated because concentration in playing chess is the way to discover something new and unusual at the chess board, the way to create surprise with fresh ideas. I try to concentrate because I think about the tactics and strategies in playing chess. Automatically, when I often play chess with a full concentrated, it can make me usual when I am doing something. This encourages me to choose in playing chess.

My last reason why I choose playing chess is about the character. What character can I learn from playing chess? Playing chess is not only the process which involves 32 chess pieces and 64 checks but it is a battle which involves emotions between two persons that is limited by a standard game because they must ever make a blunder, it may be a small blunder or big blunder in playing chess. Every chess player, beginner player or professional player will show their individualistic character when they are playing chess through their play style. Their play style is not only the assimilation of their knowledge about chess but also it is an expression of their character. If we know much about someone in our daily life, we can guess what the play style which he will choose in playing chess. Someone who is too careful and always worried in this life, it will not show a brave play style. Someone who has a character as a gambler will play his game with risk decisions that sometimes he does not think carefully the strategies of his opposite. An optimistic person tends to think smart when playing chess and believe that his chess position on chess board can win the position of his opposite but a pessimistic person will always see dangers and difficulties in every position. Chess style is really a reflection of personality and character

Now, how about playing soccer? I like playing soccer but I also have the reasons why I do not choose in playing soccer. I still remember about my condition in the past and this remains what I feel until right now. It is about 10 years ago, I still remember that my body has a little lesion in my chest. That time, I fell down from a tree and it made me could not stay long when I tried to run. Why do I talk about “run” here? I talk about it because in playing soccer has to be able to run with strong body stamina. Here, if I am as a quarterback in playing soccer, I can not stay at my place but I have to move there and here. It means that a quarterback has to have good body stamina when playing soccer. In this case, I do not have good body stamina in playing soccer.

How about of making decision in playing soccer? In playing soccer also needs how to make right decisions. I have to be good in making decision when I am bringing or passing the ball into my friend but the player in soccer is not just one player but more than one player. In playing chess, it just needs two players. For example, first player is my position and second player is my opposite position. It means, when I make wrong decisions in playing chess, I will lose my good chess position on chess board because nobody can help me. How about if I make wrong decisions in playing soccer? Sometimes, when I pass the ball into my friend, although the ball is not exactly passed, my friend who accepts my passing can pass the ball into his friend. It means that if someone makes wrong decisions in playing soccer, it can be improved by the other friends in that team. Sometimes I do not know if I have made right decision or wrong decisions because when I make wrong decision in playing soccer, I still have other friends in my team who also can pass the ball into his friend. In playing chess, I have to be careful in making decision and this encourages me to be more independent of making decision because if I make wrong decisions in playing chess, it can make me lost. It does not mean that I do not need friends to improve or help me in learning of making decision but it will be better for me to learn myself as long as I can do.

What I have mentioned in playing chess is also needed in playing soccer. It is about concentration. Concentration is needed in playing chess and also in playing soccer. So, I will try to talk about sharpening memory. In playing chess, I can learn how to sharpen my own memory. In playing soccer I can also sharpen my own memory. For example, when I am in quarterback position, I can not take a striker position but in this case, more effective to learn in sharpening memory is when I am playing chess as I have explained above. This is one of my reasons why I do not choose in playing soccer when I want to sharpen my own memory.

The last one, when I talk about character, it will be more effective for me when I learn about character in playing chess because when I keep silent at my seat, I have to control and think that I can do it. What I mean that I have to control is about my emotion. If I get emotion in playing soccer, I can cry and jump but in playing chess I can not do this. If I try to cry when I play chess because of my emotion, I will look like a crazy boy. Learning about character in playing chess is not too different from learning character in playing soccer. In playing soccer, I also have to be able to control my emotion when I am held up by my opposite in playing soccer. A soccer player also has to be patient when bringing the ball to pass into his other team mate.

Playing soccer and playing chess are kinds of sports that I like. The kind of sport which I choose from the two kinds of sports is playing chess. My arguments about my choice have been explained above and I know that both sports need the same reasons such as body stamina, decision making, memory improvement and learning about character but the functions of these reasons have not been had by the two sports. In playing chess, I can learn of making decision and also in playing soccer but making decision in playing soccer is not as big as making decision in playing chess as I have explained above. Finally, after giving many explanations, I can make sure that I choose to play chess./Immer


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