What a Beautiful Day!

Thanks Lord for Lovin’ me,
I believe in YOU
for raising me up when I am down,
for caring me,
for blessing me,
for giving me advice,
for lighting my way,
for ALL that I can feel till right now.
Thanks my friends for greeting me as I am,
for being my friend,
for shoring me,
for motivating me,
for caring me,
for inspiring me,
thanks to you, I can stand with my two feet,
I can’t help being friend with you,
keep in touch each other!!.
See yuh….

What does Shinoda feel?

i asked God 2 make u HEPI
make u TRU$TW)RTHY
guide u WeLL
thru eveRy HouR
granT u suCCes$
giVe u HeaLtH
and mosT oF all
give u CaRe ol de time
everyday is a wonderful opportunity
2 care
2 love
2 praY
and to thanX 4 d blessings froM GOD­
i wish i couLD coLLecT d perfecT words puT
ThEm in yOur hanDs and close ur fingErS arounD tHem
sO u woulD know hoW thankFuL i’m 4 haVing U as ‘my FrieNd’ hehe
friends are angels…
sent from heaven
they guide u
care 4 u
luv u
en inspired u
u are one oF d SWEETEST ANGELS i eveR had…
hope u’ll be my angel for live­
shores never meet
they share the same ocean
the moon n stars can’t be 2gether at the same tym
they are in one skY
frendZ dun heV 2 meet ofteN..
never stop bein9 my frendz ya mer…
pren’s LiKe Pepsi….
ask 4 morep
ren’s like Nikejuz d0 iT
pren’s LiKe Nokia
connEcting peopLe
pren’s LiKe McD
IM LoviN iT..
do u want 2 be adult???
immer said that juZ d0 that :
thinking positif
thinking b4 decisi0n making
bE respOnsible
adult in talking, behavior,etC..
Life is borin without frenZzz, i am glaD i meT u!
hopE oUr frenship will not EnD…
Life is like a novel…
many chapters reaD
and forgotten…
But there is one i won’t forget…
it’s the chapter when i met u…
and we becAme friend..
keep our friendship yeah..
if life is a game
i wish u always win..
if life is a journey
i wish u walk on roses..
if life is a joy
i wish u always smile,fren…
Thanks in advance – Immer

The Brain Food Supplies

We must consume food in our daily life. If we do not eat food in a day,
we will be tired to do something. Even we tend to lie in our bed room because we are not strong or do not have an energy of doing something.
In the sense of our body needs to be filled by food to make it strong.

Reading book for our brain is like the case that I have written above.
What is really the relation between reading book and consuming
food for our body? Here, book is like food and our body is as a brain.
Reading book is like giving food to our body that I have mentioned.
If we do not give food for our brain, our brain will be difficult to result ideas.
It means, our brain will be very weak to think.
It is the same case when we do not give food for our body,
our body will not be strong to do something.
Our body is to do something and our brain is to think but both need food.

We will take food that we like to eat.
We will not eat fried chicken if we just want to eat burnt chicken.
In reading book, we will feel the same case.
We will not read an economic book
if we just want to read a self-development book.

What we eat will effect our health.
What we read will also effect our own way to think.
If we just consume a kind of food, our health does not grow well.
The same thing, if we read a kind of book, for example,
we just read a computer book, our brain just knows the knowledge
about computer and we will be difficult to know the knowledge about
social, economic, self-development, philosophy, and so forth.

When we eat more than a kind of food,
our health will grow well.
This is like with our brain.
When our brain consumes by
reading many kinds of books, such as social,
economic, self-development, philosophy, etc,
our brain will grow well and
ideas of creating something will be easier.
It means, we need to make balance of reading books.

Thus, stay our healthy by consuming food regularly.
Giving food to our body will make us strong to do what we will do.
Giving food to our brain by reading books will make
our brain grows well.
Our brain will create bright thoughts and ideas
when it is kept by reading books regularly.


Segarkan Pikiranmu…!!

Tanpa mempersiapkan apapun, "pikiran" tetap akan bisa berpikir. 
Tetapi pikiran perlu diberi makanan sebagaimana setiap
 orang sering makan di pagi hari, juga pikiran 
harus perlu dikasih makan setiap pagi meskipun tadi sudah disebut 
bahwa tanpa diperhatikan sekalipun, pikiran tetap akan bisa berpikir.
Apa sebenarnya yang harus perlu dilakukan dalam menyegarkan pikiran?
 Ada beberapa hal yang penting untuk dilakukan, salah satunya
 menyegarkan pikiran lewat membaca dipagi hari karena 
pagi hari adalah kondisi yang baik untuk pikiran kita 
memulai berpikir sepanjang hari yang pasti akan dilalui. 
Dengan terbiasa membaca buku dan memberi makan pikiran, 
hal itu akan membawa pikiran kita lebih mantap dan siap
 untuk mengeluarkan ide-ide yang cemerlang sesuai dengan kebutuhan.
Lalu yang berikutnya berpikirlah bahwa apapun yang akan dihadapi pada
hari tersebut pasti bisa diatasi. Sebab, jika di pagi hari 
kita sudah berpikir "susah untuk dilakukan" maka sebenarnya
 hari-hari yang akan dilalui tersebut benar-benar akan "susah" untuk dilalui.
 Kadang sepele dan jarang dipraktekkan karena sudah kecenderungan setiap kita bangun
kita hanya membiarkan
pikiran kita itu berjalan begitu saja tanpa memikirkan dan bagaimana membawa pikiran itu 
bisa mengalami sesuatu hal yang berbeda dari sebelumnya. 
Hal ini tidak susah bagi kita untuk melakukannya 
karena saya rasa ini hal yang sangat sederhana 
tapi membuahkan hasil yang luar biasa jika hal itu dilakukan secara rutin. 
Ingatlah selalu apa yang dikatakan
 oleh Norman Vincent Peale yaitu "You can if you think you can!!" 
jadi didalam segala perkara dan masalah yang akan dihadapi, 
tidak lepas dari yang namanya "berpikir". Hal "berpikir" disini bagaimana
menyelesaikan masalah tersebut dengan berpikir positif
 bahwa masalah itu mampu diselesaikan.